Simon James Hilliard

Simon spent his childhood in Cornwall before leaving to join the British Army at the age of 19. Simon served in two specialist units before pursuing a career within the private sector. He has spent the past fourteen years travelling the world, living and working in a range of countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Simon has recently founded his own charitable foundation to support a range of charitable interests with a focus on mental health, poverty support, homelessness and conservation.

Simon has set himself a personal challenge to climb the highest mountain peak in each continent by 2021. He has already completed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (Highest Mountain in Africa) and is climbing Mount Damavand in Iran (Highest Mountain in the Middle East) in May 2018 as a precursor for Everest.

Simon founded the Cornish Book Company in 2017 to promote creative writing in the region and help support self-publishers with National and International distribution.

He is a passionate writer, publisher and promoter who works with several other authors across a broad spectrum of categories.

Eira Morgan-Jones

Eira Morgan-Jones is the author of “Tales From Cardinham Woods”, as well as several successful travel blogs and websites. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Glamorgan in 2008, and in 2016 graduated with a Masters degree in Professional Writing from the University of Falmouth. 

Eira spent many childhood summers in Cornwall, camping on the moors and exploring Falmouth, where her grandfather grew up and her great-grandmother ran a boarding house for sailors during World War II. She has a great affinity with wild, green places, which influences all of her work and which she mostly attributes to her Welsh heritage and a youth spent building dens in rugged places and playing in rivers. Eira has previously lived in Thailand and on the Mongolian steppe, working as a primary school English teacher and horse-trekking instructor respectively. The spirit of adventure permeates most of her writing and she draws on her experiences in nature to create the magical settings in her work.

She currently lives in Hampshire with her partner, Jeff, and is working on her second book with the Cornish Book Company: Ella and The Beast.

Jodi Lou Parkin

A lifetime surrounded by the beauty and charm of Cornwall sparked an eternal love for magic and musings in Jodi Lou Parkin. It was impossible not to develop a wild imagination, and an insatiable yearning for the myths and superstitions: the mermaids, piskies, cave carvings and the howling crake of the North coast. Early inspiration from her parents encouraged her love of fairytales, and paved the way for a creative mind to flourish.

Jodi’s life has been ever entwined with animals and wildlife. A natural affinity with horses led to a career as an equine nurse. It was during this time she learnt to understand their language. Picking up her first camera, she began to capture this world through curious eyes, venturing further, seeking magnificent creatures and hidden wilderness.

After travelling extensively across Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe, Jodi returned to education. Her studies in wildlife, education and media, progressed to a BSc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science, specialising in the study of palynology, and researching the delicate balance between native flora and fauna.

This affection for the natural world, accompanied by coincidences as curious as any fairytale, carried Jodi to the wild Cornish Moors. Taken in by a renowned explorer and his wonderful wife, Jodi was offered a Keep made of straw, a strong white horse to ride, and a golden dog for companionship, and with that she took to the moors…

Jodi is currently working on a collection of the magic she has found exploring this ancient and mysterious landscape.  Her project entwines stories of the past with the lives of those who live and work there now. Captured through her lens, informed by their words, and illustrated with Jodi’s exquisite artwork, her book promises to be a unique reflection on this remote and elementally wild part of Cornwall.

Cate Merrin

Cate lives in the small Cornish village of Polruan, every morning she opens her curtains to take in the view of the Fowey estuary and the sea beyond. Every day it is different, but almost always there are boats to be seen; sailing boats, huge naval vessels, china clay boats, kayaks, speed boats, trawlers and tiny fishing boats. Each of them with their own story waiting to be told.

When Cate's two sons were small they had plenty of fishing adventures together, chugging along in their little boat at the side of dolphins and porpoises, struggling to catch fish sometimes because a friendly seal or a basking shark had frightened them all away, lines getting tangled into birds nest messes, crabs devouring the bait, mackerel biting faster than they could be pulled up on board, and waves crashing over the bow of their multi-coloured boat as the lifeboat rushed by.

Often fishing trips were cut short by untimely weather changes, especially the good old Cornish mizzle, combined with pea soup sea mist, descending so rapidly that Polruan and Fowey disappeared in the blink of an eye. Although mostly they were cut short because Cate had turned green, as her belly began to churn and her breakfast tried to escape with the swelling waves, (much to the amusement of two small boys!)

So this was the inspiration for Captain Seasick and his rainbow striped boat, aptly named "Up She Comes".

James Foster

James grew up in Cornwall surrounded by farmland and glorious beaches where he spent much of his time exploring with his brother. He has spent the majority of his life travelling and has visited over 55 countries in total. He has recently returned to Cornwall to settle and focus on his writing.

He is a keen sportsman and has run several marathons including the New York and London Marathon.

James's book “Letters to a Zoo Keeper “ is due to be published in 2019.